Other seaside towns

Robin Hood’s Bay – one to visit, certainly for an afternoon, experience it by parking at the top (you are used to that by now) and walking the very cute chocolate box streets, stock up in seaside rock and see how folk from all over the world like to visit quaint old seasides in Yorkshire…

…and to infinity and other Yorkshire extremities…Scarborough and Filey, even Brid?

Yes God’s own county, Yorkshire, is that big and 30 miles away is Scarborough where you have two beaches, seaside amusements galore, all kinds of restaurants, some of the larger shopping stores and if you are a cricket fan the occasional match featuring the world’s best county cricket team.  Further down the coast by 5 miles or so is Filey which offers similar but smaller, a beach plus fishing boats and Filey Brigg with its impressive cliffs and reef.  More cliffs plus 10 miles more and there is Bridlington, a bit more of the same again.  Flamborough Head is a nice way to finish a long line of spectacular cliffs.  All are nice to take in.